Pelicans at Ria Lagartos, Yuc., Mx.
Pelicans at Ria Lagartos, Yuc., Mx.


There is a very simple law in the universe:

"You consciously manifest that

which you pay attention to." ​


The above statement is the essence of Maya Consciousness. 


When you are focused on the place and time (here / now) you feel that you know things naturally.  This area is where you create your life.  When you are focused and use your intuition you can tune into the flow of creation. 


The Maya left evidence of their knowledge and their monumental achievements in evolution. It was a society that lived in solidarity. Time was a tool to synchronize with the rhythms of the earth, the solar system, and the galaxy. This knowledge allowed them to reach high levels of vital energy and enter altered states of consciousness that allowed them to access a complete perspective of reality. They had the knowledge to predict the times we live now, and they left us messages to overcome the changes we would face.


They saw life as a cycle that evolved eternally. It is manifested in nature by energy, all forms of light, heat, the moon, the evolution of consciousness, everything that exists under the sun. This awareness of being an integral part of the whole increased their internal levels of energy, reaching an opening in consciousness to a complete reality. They used both hemispheres of the brain at the same time, allowing them to connect with each other telepathically. It is considered that this connection is the greatest achievement of men to eliminate fear, hatred, jealousy, and exploitation.


Our commitment is to bring you the values of this ancient culture by sharing the information available in the books in which the ancients wrote their olden science, and the mystical and esoteric Maya information, which comes from their recognized teachers.

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